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At IDZ Digital, we are focused on creating a network of games and apps for kids. Our team is made up of artists, coders, product managers, marketers, beat boxers, dancers, chefs, etc. With this diverse group of people, we take great care while building innovative products for kids. Come see what we have to offer!

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Our Work Environment

We are ambitious, and so are our goals. At IDZ, we have a clear rule: enjoy doing what you do. We keep our spirits up even as we rush to meet urgent deadlines. We have a really upbeat and energetic working environment, which is perfect for the creation of original concepts and ideas. We have regular brainstorming sessions in which we actively promote creative, unconventional ideas.

Work Environment
Learning sessions

We Encourage Learning

We have weekly learning sessions where we learn something new. We passionately believe in always learning and improving our abilities, and as such, we invest heavily in the individuals that work with us so that we can all learn and grow as a team. At IDZ, if you put in the work, the rewards and possibilities are limitless.

Learning sessions

Independence and Accountability

We know that empowering individuals to innovate on their own terms produces better results. We trust our people to get things done on their own time. We don't believe in micromanagement, and those who are self-motivated and eager to succeed will thrive in this environment.

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